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Critical Illness Insurance
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Income Insurance.

Protecting your income against illness and disability could be one of the most important decisions you make.

Both disability and illness are unforeseeable and unexpected which is why many of us never prepare for them.

How could you and your family survive financially should you lose your income because of an illness or disability?
Could you continue with your mortgage re-payments, personal loans, finance, household bills etc?

With income insurance (also known as
income protection insurance or permanent health insurance) should you need to make a claim, you will receive a monthly income to help with you costs.

This income will be income tax free and is paid monthly.
You will continue to receive this income until you are fit enough to return to work or until your retirement age (usually up to a maximum of 10 years)..

Most companies here in the UK will usually entitle you to 4 weeks sick pay. After this 4 weeks, if you are still unable to return to work then you will have to claim state benefits if eligible.

Here at our partnered insurance brokerages will compare income insurance quotes from the UK’s leading insurance providers to help find you the most suitable policies for your requirements.

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When you fill in our quick and simple online quote form, you will then be able to view income insurance quotes online instantly (well it actually takes approx 15-30 seconds for all of your quotes to be displayed).

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important critical illness insurance points
Important points to consider when purchasing
Income insurance...

  • Always purchase your Income protection Insurance through a qualified and regulated broker. They will be able to sell on an advised basis and are covered / insured against the full cost of your claim should there be any errors or dispute. Whenever you speak to an advisor you should always ask if the advice they are giving you is on an advised or none advised basis. Please be aware that many advisors who are on a none advised basis are simply call center operator sales people.
  • Please read your policy documents fully and carefully so that you are fully aware of what circumstances your policy will cover you against.
  • Ensure your broker can compare income insurance quotes from the ‘Whole of the market’. This way they are not just representing a single insurance company and they will explain why the policy they have chosen is the most suitable for you.
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